Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tunel Fire Modelling paper wins Lloyd's Science of Risk Prize

 published in Fire Technology 47 (1), pp. 221-253, 2011.

NOTE: See news article in physorg.com.

One of our papers won this year’s Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize (Technology Category). The paper proposes a novel multiscale modelling approach generated by coupling a sophisticated three-dimensional computer model with a simple one-dimensional model. This allows for a more rational use of the computational resources. The methodology has been applied to a modern tunnel of 7 m diameter section and 1.2 km in length (similar layout to the Dartford Tunnels in London). More details here.

The prize is awarded to academics and "aims to keep the world’s leading specialist insurance market abreast of the latest academic knowledge and cutting-edge thinking".

NOTE: Our papers also were short-listed in Technology Risk and Climate Change Risk categories; "Forecasting Fire Growth using an Inverse Zone Modelling Approach" and "Increased fire activity at the Triassic/Jurassic boundary in Greenland due to climate-driven floral change" respectively.

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