Friday, 28 September 2012

Imperial Haze Lab

Today was my last day at the University of Edinburgh. I left my office this afternoon. I look forward continue collaborations with Edinburgh. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to work there since 2006. I now move to Imperial to continue the growth of the Edinburgh school of thought.

In my Edinburgh office in 2007
My former office in Edinburgh, on the day I left. Empty!

With my arrival to London, a new fire research group is created: the Imperial Haze Lab. It starts small, with one PhD student (plus four IMFSE students). We expect to gather pace and size in the coming years with topics of research on fire dynamics and reactive solids, in both the built or natural environments. Some examples of planned research are forecasting fire dynamic (applications both to buildings and to wildland), pyrolysis modelling, travelling fires for structural design, fire threats to renewable energies, smouldering wildfires (the largest fires on Earth) and carbon sequestration in char.

My new full contact information is:

Dr Guillermo Rein
Mechanical Engineering Bldg, room 711
Exhibition Road, Imperial College
London, SW7 2AZ, UK
G.Rein at
 Let me know when you are in South Kensington; I have already found a few places with excellent cafe.
My new office in London. Empty!


  1. I assume that soon there will be some green plant pots in this new office to dispel the Imperiial Haze - -
    good luck,

  2. Nice to hear you moved to the second university I was applying to ;-)I just found your blog via LinkedIn - how is it in London?

    Adam Wojciechowski