Friday, 2 September 2011

Smouldering wildfire burning in New Orleans

The organic soil of Loiusiana marshes near New Orleans is smouldering in at least two separated locations. The fire continues to slowly spread after several days, and the smoke is now affecting town up to 160 km away. The Louisiana National Guard has been called in to help in the suppresion.

Smouldering fires of organic soils like peat burn underground and are the most difficult fire pheonmena on Earth to extingish. The top firefighter in Loiusiana said it better: "Once it’s underground, it’s next to impossible to fight. You can’t bring enough water to wet down that soil".

And note that the same article where the coment was made, report that the smouldering peat fires are still smouldering in the Great Dismal Swamp even after the arrival of hurricane Irene!

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  1. I did not realize that those fires in Louisiana were smoldering organic fires. It is quite interesting to break down these wildland fires into categories such as smoldering organic, forest/crown, and grassland fires, and understand how they all behave differently and require different mitigation strategies.

    Thanks for the info.