Monday, 28 November 2011

Travelling fires paper wins Lloyd's Science of Risk Prize

Feb 2013 update: Read more about this work and how it ended up in a real building in this post.

We have won the 2011 Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize in the Technology category for the paper "The Influence of Travelling Fires on a Concrete Frame" (published in Engineering Structures 33).

Winners of the 2011 Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize. Dr Law is is second from the right.
The work argues that the trend towards open plan offices has changed the types of fire likely to occur in modern buildings. His paper uses science to look at ways to improve engineering guidelines and building design, reduce the risk of travelling fires, and help insurers better quantify and model fire risk. The work was founded by BRE Trust and Arup.

 Progression of the 2.5% and the 25% travelling fires across the floor plate (Fig 4 in the paper)

Temperature profiles for the average rebar in the final bay (Fig. 8. in the paper)

The Science of Risk Prize was launched by Lloyd’s in 2010 to stimulate cutting edge research into the latest emerging risks facing businesses.

For more details on the work, see here the paper (open access), a poster and related presentation.

NOTE: My team also won the 2010 Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize in the same category with a paper on the modelling of tunnel fires. Two in a row :)

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