Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Interview on the accidental burning of ancient carbon

I have been interviewed for GeoLog, the blog of the European Geoscience Union (EGU):

Geotalk: Dr Guillermo Rein

It  features my research on smouldering combustion, the largest fires on Earth and the accidental burning of ancient carbon. It is released as the first interview in the new monthly blog column called Geotalk, featuring short interviews with scientists about their research.

Dr Rein next to a water vapour vent on top of the 30m-high Bogside bing, near Glasgow, Scotland. This bing is a man-made hill of mining waste, and started to smoulder in 2009, approximately 80 years after the closure of the pit. The spread of the combustion is accompanied by the development of vents ahead of the front. (Image by Dr Ricky Carvel and Dr Guillermo Rein, distributed under a CC BY-SA Creative Commons licence)

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